Uganda: We will not raise beer prices, says Nile Breweries


Nile Breweries Limited said it would not raise beer prices despite a global rise in prices for almost all commodities.

Following the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian invasion a few months ago, the prices of a number of raw materials in several parts of the world have increased.


However, in a statement on Thursday, the brewing company said it would not raise prices for its products but rather maintain them.

“We understand that the prices of most commodities, including the raw materials we use to make beer, have risen across the country. However, we also understand that Ugandans are still trying to recover from the upheaval. what the Covid-19 lockdown has been like,” said Onapito Ekomoloit, director of legal and corporate affairs at Nile Breweries.


The company explained that since economic hardship has hit everyone, raising the prices of their products would be unwise.

“We want to stand with all Ugandans during these difficult times and get through them together where we can. This is why we are maintaining our current beer prices despite market pressures and rising production costs” .

The company noted, however, that the decision to maintain beer prices is not a guarantee that the price change will never happen.

Nile Breweries said the current situation will always determine what they do.

“Our immediate mission is to bring the best products to our consumers. We have been with them for years, we understand the issues that affect them and we want to move forward at their pace as they navigate these challenges,” noted Onpito. .

The company warned sellers against raising the prices of their products, adding that recommended retail prices have since been posted on their social media platforms for members of the public.

“We require all of our vendors to adhere to the recommended retail prices and if you find anyone selling our beers above the recommended prices or claiming that we have raised our prices, please let us know and we will follow up” , said NBL Commercial Marketing Manager Molly Horn.

The move comes weeks after the company’s direct competitors, Uganda Breweries, announced an increase in the price of their beer to match soaring inflation in the country.


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