Sports betting service The Quant Edge leverages commodity trading technology for betting predictions


A sports betting service called The Quant Edge uses commodity trading technology to make sports-related predictions. The company, started by oil trader Todd Gross and backed by former footballer Shep Messing, uses algorithms employed in machine learning to take pieces of information and find statistical links between data points.

“The Quant Edge gives you an edge in sports and fantasy betting by bringing the best of math, statistics, and machine learning to help you win,” the company’s site describes.. The complex estimation algorithms used by the company are no different from those employed by commodity traders to forecast prices, taking a similar approach to financial markets.

The company’s algorithm adds tons of information – from injuries to player clashes and historical performance – to identify and prioritize the most relevant entries for each game, to then provide recommendations on the optimal strategies for making money.

We achieve this with former financial hedge fund managers who have been using these techniques for decades, as well as PhDs with a quantitative background who are leading experts on the cutting edge of machine learning,” says The Quant Edge. The firm explains that it is constantly “tweaking” its models according to the latest results, in order to preserve the “excellence” of its track record.

However, just like in financial markets, “winning requires diversification,” the company warns. In order to get the most out of The Quant Edge, the company says it’s important to place multiple bets across multiple sports and across multiple months. “We win around 60% of our bets – which is among the best in the business – but, of course, we will be wrong around 40% of the time,” the service admits.. “So it’s very important that you spread your bets across all of our recommended opportunities instead of picking just one or two.”

Todd Gross, Founder and CEO of The Quant Edgeis described on the company’s website as having “a vision to help sports fans make money by making smarter bets and making fancy decisions every day.” He previously ran Global Commodities Options Trading for Morgan Stanley then founded Hudson Capital Group.

“Gross brought expertise in quantitative analysis and machine learning that he used in financial markets to create TQE’s sports and fantasy betting platform,” a bio reads.. The expert came to sports betting after exploring how to best apply Kalman filtering – an algorithm used in machine learning (ML) – to financial markets, with the opening of the US sports betting market in 2018 making him realize that mathematics could be used to predict performance.

By paying up to $50 per month for access, The Quant Edge allows bettors to adjust the performance of a select group of players. and see how that should affect their bets. According to the company’s website, the service has up to 65% success rate.

But the company itself has also been successful lately.bringing in former soccer goalkeeper Shep Messing and sports marketing expert Rob Striar. A round of $10 million in venture capital is also set to improve modeling for a number of sports, including football, NFL, and NBA.


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