Price of the 19.2 kg LPG bottle increased by Rs 100.50: Know the prices in your city


Increase in LPG gas prices: National oil marketing companies raised the price of the 19 kg commercial LPG bottle to Rs 100.50 on Wednesday. With this increase, the price of a 19 kg LPG bottle in Delhi is now Rs 2,101.

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The price of a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder remains the same
However, domestic users of LPG need not be affected by this increase because the oil companies have not increased the prices of the 14.2 kg cylinders of LPG (without subsidy) used by ordinary people. Its price has not changed. The price of the 14.2 kg unsubsidized LPG cylinder in Delhi remains unchanged at Rs 899.50.

According to an ANI report, sources have informed that the increase in the price of LPG cylinders is effective as of today. This is the second highest price for a commercial 19kg bottle after 2012-13, when it cost around 2,200 rupees per bottle. However, there is no price increase for other domestic bottles weighing 14.2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg composite or 5 kg composite.

14.2 kg LPG bottle price
In Delhi, now the price of the 14.2 kg bottle without subsidy is Rs 899.50. The price of the LPG cylinder in Kolkata is Rs 926, in Mumbai Rs 899.50. The price of the unsubsidized bottle in Chennai is now Rs 915.50.

How can rising prices for 19.2 kg LPG cylinders have an impact?
The ANI report further states that this could increase the diversion from the 14.2kg household gas cylinder to restaurants, tea stalls, etc., which are the largest user segment of the cylinder. of 19 kg. It should be noted that the LPG cylinder rate is revised monthly for all states and union territories in India. Earlier on November 1, 2021, the prices of the 19 kg commercial bottle saw a sharp increase to Rs 266, raising the prices to Rs 2,000.50. On October 1, the prices of commercial 19 kg bottles were increased by Rs 43 and decreased by Rs 2.50 on October 6. On September 1, the prices of these bottles were increased by Rs 75.

Price per 19.2 kg LPG cylinder
The price of 19 kg of commercial gas in Delhi increased from Rs 100 to Rs 2,100.50. The price of the commercial gas cylinder in Kolkata increased from Rs 101 to Rs 2,174.5. Previously, its price was Rs 2,073.5.

The price of commercial gas in Mumbai has risen to 2,051 rupees. Previously the price was Rs 1,950. There has been an increase of Rs 101 here. At the same time, the price of a 19 kg commercial gas cylinder in Chennai has increased to 2,234.50 rupees. Previously, the price was 2,133 rupees.

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