Ordinary People Hit Hard by Rising Commodity Prices | Mysore News

Mysuru: One of the most discussed issues in the audience today is the sudden increase in prices of commodities, fertilizers, vegetables and transportation costs. Middle-class families are being hit by rising prices.
According to consumers, until a few days ago, dosa rice was sold at Rs 30 per kg. Now the rate is Rs 35. One kg of tomato, which was available for Rs 10 until last month, has now touched Rs 45. It was Rs 30 last week. According to farmers and sellers, the increase is due to the increase in the diesel tariff which has led to high transport costs. “We do not receive any benefits because of this increase. The daily review of diesel tariffs affects everyone,” said Ravi K, a tomato farmer from Nanjangud.
Meanwhile, farmers are expected to face a big challenge this monsoon season as fertilizer prices and availability fluctuate. According to the farmers, the price of a 50kg bag of potash which was Rs 1,000 last summer has now risen to Rs 1,700. “Different fertilizers have different rates, and they have all gone up now. is a cause for concern,” says TR Vidyasagar, District Chairman of Mysuru, Raitha Sangha.
Mysuru Grain Merchants Association Chairman CK Ganesh said the main culprit behind the price hike was the rise in fuel prices. “The prices are almost the same. As transportation costs rise, consumers are feeling the pinch. An increase in electricity tariffs and labor costs also increase the burden,” he said.
Meanwhile, people’s representatives point to the Ukraine-Russia war as the current problem. “Inflation is not India’s only problem. This is also more serious in developed countries. I hope the situation will return to normal soon,” Mysuru MP Pratap Simha said.

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