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Zeta by Revenue AI for Commodity Trading Companies

Revenue.AI, a Dutch company, is optimizing the way traders analyze big data with the release of its latest augmented intelligence solution – Zeta.

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS, January 4, 2022 / – Income.IA threw Zeta, a leading AI-based assistant for commodity traders, to optimize access to data, information and decision-making.

Zeta is a virtual assistant designed specifically to enhance the experience for commodity traders through ZEMA (, a comprehensive price collection, integration and analysis platform. The technology behind Zeta provides the ability to efficiently create Zema curves, validate current and historical prices, monitor price updates, seize market opportunities through a set of predefined strategies, create combinations of prices for futures and derivatives. All this complemented by on-the-fly analyzes.

Revenue.AI chief executive officer István Czilik said Zeta’s functionality would bring a significant improvement in the way commodity traders and analytics conduct their day-to-day operations.

“We are very proud to present Zeta from Revenue.AI. It simplifies the way merchants consume and consolidates data to run their ZEMA Saas journey, generates revenue with smart alerts and notifications on merchant strategies, and creates a bridge between commerce and offices by increasing operational efficiency. and productivity through immediate knowledge sharing and collaboration, ”says Czilik.

“This is the very first intelligent virtual assistant for traders that will transform the way business is done in a rapidly changing commodities market. Artificial intelligence transcends industries, and the solution to reducing trade risk with greater visibility is in the numbers that Zeta shares quickly and efficiently. The need to manually track the commodities market is long gone, now all you have to do is ask Zeta to deliver the information you need, when you need it.

Zeta’s system integration extends to messaging apps like WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, and even Telegram, where users can simply request information on the fly through the app of their choice.

To learn more about Zeta or to request a demo, visit the Revenue.AI website today.

About Revenue.AI: Established in The Hague, The Netherlands, in early 2020,
Revenue.AI establishes a strong link between business strategies and day-to-day execution with the AI-powered Agility Center of Excellence that provides privileged access to data, insights and analytics to drive organizational success and business performance profitable.

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