“Knowledge of commodity markets crucial”


Students of business, management and other disciplines should familiarize themselves with commodity markets as it will be of great benefit to them in life, according to Srikanth Koundinya, an expert in the MCX commodities market.

He was speaking here on Tuesday to the students of Gayatri Vidya Parishad PG College, as part of a three-day lecture series organized by the city’s BL Club. The other educational institutions are Gitam University, MVGR College, Samata PG College, the Integral Institute of Advanced Management, the Vignan Institute of Technology and the Sun Institute of Technology and Management.

He said the size of the commodities market in India was 25,000 crore per day in five major commodity exchanges. He then explained the basics of trading on commodities exchanges and how commodity contracts are essential for price discovery and management. “Commodity exchanges provide a real-time electronic trading platform and bring buyers and sellers together,” he told the students. They pave the way for efficient price discovery.

Risk coverage

He then explained the hedging of risks on the stock exchanges and their regulation by the SEBI. He also spoke about dispute resolution through arbitration.

Srikanth Koundinya said there are 76 exchanges around the world and they all have websites. “Spend time on these sites and they have a wealth of information. It will sharpen your intellect and you will enter the fascinating world of commodities, ”he told the students.

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