Inflation rose to 4.42% on June 22 – Commodities rise – ARAB TIMES


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KUWAIT CITY, August 3: Data from the Central Administration of Statistics shows that the consumer price index (inflation) in Kuwait rose by 4.42% last June, Al-Rai daily reports. In a statement to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), statistics show that the inflation rate in Kuwait has increased by 0.40% on a monthly basis due to rising prices of a number of major commodities affecting index movement, especially food and education.

The index of the first group (food and beverages) increased last June by 8.04% compared to the same month in 2021, while the price index of the second group (cigarettes and tobacco) did not change and remained stable at 135 points on an annual basis. base. The sources explained that the index of the third group (clothing) increased by 6.15%, while the prices of the group (housing services) increased by 2.17%, while the inflation rate of the fifth group (furnishings) increased by 2.18%.

The price index of the sixth group (health) rose by 2.13%, while the prices of the group (transport) saw an increase of 3.77% last June compared to the same month of 2021. The statistics indicate that the prices of the eighth group (telecommunications) increased by 2.29% on an annual basis, and the inflation rate in the ninth group (entertainment and culture) increased by 3.78%, while the prices of tenth group (education) jumped 19.05%. She added that group prices (restaurants and hotels) increased on an annual basis last June by 2.67%, while group prices (miscellaneous goods and services) increased by 3.21%.

The consumer price index is a tool for measuring price levels in general between two periods, monthly or annual, and it is usually a basic indicator for measuring economic growth or deflation, through which the State can take economic and commercial decisions and formulate financial and financial proposals. monetary policies.


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