IME witnesses $ 1.19 billion in commodities trading


The International Affairs and Public Relations Department of Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME), one of Iran’s four major stock markets, reported trading over 572,763 tonnes of commodities valued at 1 , $ 19 billion during the week of August 7, 2020.

The volume of trade has stimulated various commodities. According to the IME, its metals and minerals trading floor recorded 264,125 tonnes of goods valued at $ 626 million, including copper, aluminum, molybdenum concentrates, precious metal concentrates , zinc bars and gold bars.

IME’s national oil and petrochemical and export trading floors said they traded 308,170 tons of goods worth $ 510 million, including VB raw materials, bitumen, polymer products, chemicals, insulators, lubricating cutting oil, argon, base oil and sulfur. The IME parallel market recorded trade of 401 tonnes of raw materials.

The IME’s trade report for July 2020 revealed the trade of more than 2.608 million tonnes of raw materials worth more than $ 4.669 billion. The following is the breakdown of exchanges at the IME in July.

IME reported the trade of 1.729 million tons of goods worth more than $ 2.346 million, including bitumen, polymer and chemical products, VB raw materials, lubricating cutting oil , sulfur, insulation, slapping waxes, argon and oil.

The EMI Minerals Trading and Metals Floor reported trading over 873,768 tonnes of raw materials valued at over $ 2.31 million, including steel, copper, molybdenum concentrates, expensive metal concentrates, zinc, lead ingots, aluminum and gold ingots.

There were other commodities that customers traded in July, such as the saffron trade in the agricultural trading floor, while the IME parallel market reported trade in PDA TAR, tomato paste. , used locomotive engine oil, scrap metal and ferrosilicon.

A 23% increase was also seen in the value of commodity exchanges at the EMI in the last Iranian calendar month ended July 21, 2020.

With an 8% increase in weight, a total of 3.169 million tonnes of products worth $ 5.52 billion were traded in July. IME’s petroleum and petrochemicals floor observed trade of 2.034 million tonnes of raw materials valued at $ 2.62 billion in July.

Hamed Soltani-Nejad, Director General of the IME, unveiled on April 21, 2020 the strategic development plan of the IME until March 2025-March 2026 while taking into consideration the slogan of the current Iranian year ” Surge in Production ”.

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