Fix the Future: 10 stocks the best investors are buying during the selloff


The elite portfolio managers followed by Fix the future did not let the stock market sell-off go to waste. They’ve been busy finding potential bargains and we’ve revealed their top 10 new buys.

In our search for the biggest and boldest bets from these investors, we also turned our attention to the UK, which avoided heavy losses in other major markets this year. Find out which London-listed stocks they value the most.

Rush on the sale

Commodity companies and Chinese technology stocks have experienced and endured wildly divergent performances, respectively, over the past year. Shares of China’s biggest tech players fell as the country’s regulators launched crackdowns, while oil stocks and miners surged as commodity markets rallied.

But both sectors have attracted significant new money from elite investors this year, although one stock – Chinese online retailer – clearly stands out as their favourite. Like Chinese internet company Baidu, it’s about playing on the growth of the country’s middle class, and both stocks have turned a corner since March. Buyers seem to be on to something. Read more.

Best UK Bets

UK stocks are also among the most popular early PM buys this year as the London market makes up for heavy losses elsewhere in the world. A high weighting in the materials sector, which rallied as other stocks fell amid runaway inflation, helped the market outperform.

But the UK stocks most favored by top PMs are more than just betting on oil and miners. We have looked at the UK companies these elite investors hold with the greatest conviction and they represent a diverse mix. Read more.

Top of the stack

AstraZeneca holds the crown of UK’s most valuable listed company and also boasts of leading UK stocks for fix the future Prime Minister’s elite. This status is another marker of the turnaround operated by Chief Executive Pascal Soriot, as explored in our detailed company profile. Read more.

The British pharmaceutical giant, responsible for the development of a Covid vaccine, is a remarkable example of the type of companies grouped under fix the future health and longevity theme. From diagnostic and research companies to drugmakers, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical retailers, they are fueling our longer lifespans. Read more.


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