Diesel Gasoline Price Rise Today, Gasoline-Diesel Rates Here


Diesel Gasoline Prices Today: Gasoline and diesel prices remained stable for the ninth consecutive day across the country on Friday, April 15, 2022.

The price of gasoline in Delhi stands at Rs 105.41 per liter while that of diesel is at Rs 96.67. In Mumbai, gasoline currently costs Rs 120.51, while diesel sells for Rs 104.77, according to data available on the Indian Oil Corporation website.

So far this month, petrol and diesel have been increased by Rs 3.60 per liter in the nation’s capital. In March, they were lifted by 6.40 rupees per liter after seeing nine rises in the space of ten days when daily revisions in motor fuel prices resumed after a record gap of 137 days on March 22.

Automotive fuel prices in the country differ from state to state depending on local taxation (VAT) and transportation costs. Apart from this, the central government levies an excise duty on motor fuels.

OMCs usually revise gasoline and diesel tariffs on a daily basis based on the average price of benchmark fuel in the international market over the previous 15 days and exchange rates.

In the global market, U.S. crude added $2.70 to $106.95 a barrel on Thursday, closing nearly 11% higher for the week. Brent crude, the international standard, gained $2.92 to $111.70 a barrel, according to the news agency. PA reported. Markets were closed on Friday.

Here’s what you’ll pay for a liter of gasoline and diesel in your city on Friday, April 15, 2022:

City Gasoline (Rs/litre) Diesel (Rs/litre)
New Delhi 105.41 96.67
Bombay 120.51 104.77
Kolkata 115.12 99.83
Chennai 110.85 100.94
bangalore 111.09 94.79
Hyderabad 119.49 105.49
Patna 116.23 101.06
Bhopal 118.14 101.16
Jaipur 118.03 100.92
Lucknow 105.25 96.83
Thiruvananthapuram 117.19 103.95
Source: Indian Petroleum Company

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